January 12, 2012

PDF Resources

PDFs seem to be a mystery to most people.  They have heard about them, seen them but noone really knows where a PDF comes from or how to create their very own.  Some people have even heard wild stories about people filling in a PDF using their computer without having to print it.  The purpose of this post is to demystify the PDF and share some resources for using with Portable Document Files.

PDFescpape is a great website which will allow you to read, edit, and create PDFs.  PDFescpape is unique because you do not have to register for an account to use and there is absolutely nothing to buy or download.  I also really liked that on PDFescpape you can open a PDF from a web URL to edit or modify.  This s a great way to complete PDFs using your computer or create PDFs for others.

PDFtoWord is a great site that will allow you to take a PDF and convert it into a MS Word document.  At that point you can then modify the word document and re-save it as a PDF (Office 2007 or higher) or you can even use PDFtoWord to covert a Word document back to PDF.  This site is also free to use and you do not need to register or have an account to use it.

BeePDF is a neat little website where you can upload and share your PDFs.  On BeePDF you can then share a link to your PDF on their website or you can generate an Embed code which would allow you to put your PDF onto a website, blog, etc.

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