June 10, 2012

Plagiarism Checker

Plag Tracker is a website that will check some written text for plagiarism.  To use this service you simply need to copy and paste the text of your paper into a box and click "start checking".  Plag Tracker will then scan the paper using it's database of academic papers and of course the web using it's own unique algorithm which will then generate a custom report for you.  Check out the screenshot below to see how easy it is to use...

You can also see that they have a poll asking what other features you would like to see used while scanning the paper.

Now What?

This is an excellent site for teachers who want to check and see if a paper was actually written with original content but also for students who would like to see if they have inadvertently plagiarized by using content from the web.  For those of you looking for a site with a little more functionality, Paper Rater is a site that will do the same as Plag Tracker but will also review for grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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