February 18, 2013

Brainy Box

BrainyBox is a neat new offering from the folks at Class Tools which reminded me a lot of Museum Box without the kinks.  Using the BrainyBox tool you can build a six sided cube made up of text, videos, images, and hyperlinks.  You can even embed other multimedia such audio files from SoundCloud or Google objects.  A nice feature of BrainyBox is that students do not have to create an account to access and work with their box.  They simply create a password for their work and they can access it anytime using the URL and password (same for Fakebook).

Now What?

BrainyBox is a great sites for students to use because it forces them to think about the content they are going to use on their six sides.  There is a limited number of space on each side as well so they have to be selective in what they include.  This is another reason why I like the Twitter model so much...it encourages students to think about their writing.  This is an excellent tool for students to use for presentations.

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