February 25, 2013


So the other day I was listening to Pandora and an advertisement came on about a website called Lumosity. It was advertised as a website to get your brain operating at full capacity.  I thought...hmmm that sounds nice.  I made a mental note to check it out and then forgot.  I heard it again on a different day and then promptly forgot again.  This led me to believe that my brain could really use the practice if I could just remember to head to their site.  Today I remembered and what I found was pretty cool.  On Lumosity you select areas of brain function that you would like to improve and then a training regimen is developed for you based on your priorities.  The exercises on Lumosity were very engaging and intense but also very fun.  I especially liked that you could setup a training schedule and then have reminders sent to you on those days.  Check out the video below to see a quick overview of Lumosity.

Now What?

Lumosity is a great site to share with your students so they can stay sharp and develop their neuron connections as well.  I even saw that there was a training program geared toward students.

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