October 4, 2010



If you have given any thought to blogging in your classroom but don't know which tool to use to facilitate the process, your search is over.  Kidblog is awesome!  Kidblog is a website created by teachers for teachers and they have created a great blogging tool.  I just started using it in my classroom with my 8th graders and it has worked out very well.  For the teachers, setting up a class is a breeze (Kidblog even supports .csv files for adding students) and it is extremely private and safe for your students with absolutely no advertising.  For students, it is simple to use and even supports adding images, links, audio, video (embed vimeo and youtube) and HTML code.  You can set up your classes so that all posts come to you before being published and the same goes for all comments or you can allow students to publish straight to the web.  Click here to check out some screen shots of the site.  If you have any questions let me know and I'll be happy to help you get up and running.  Happy blogging!!!

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