October 19, 2011


I know that I have talked about Wordle before but I have yet to write about it here on the blog.  I absolutely love this site because it is super simple and there a million and one ways to use it in your classroom.  Check out my example below which visually represents the ISTE | NETS Standards for Students:

Now What?

You can use Wordle to demonstrate the important parts of a speech, class notes, as a game where students try to guess the origin of the content, an introduction to a new topic, book abstract and anything else you can think of that will generate a unique set of words.  You can even create a Wordle using your own words to make a unique image for your classroom or website.  Even more ideas


Brandt Schneider said...

Put a Board of Education minutes through a wordle, or a sports story, or all the emails you get from me....

Mike Oberdick said...

Tagxedo is another popular word cloud site. You have more options to export when you are finished.

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