November 17, 2011

Smart Slates
Having a Smartboard in your classroom is great but there are times when you would like to be able to teach using content on the board but not have to be tethered to the board itself.  Enter the Smart Slate.  This tool allows you to remotely interact with your board from anywhere in your classroom.  Once connected, the Smart Slate will allow you to interact with your computer in a multitude of new ways such as writing notes as you move around the classroom (up to 32 feet), allow students to interact with the board without leaving their seat (great for shy students or entering lab results) and also simultaneously write on the board (one person using the slate while the other is at the board).  The slate also seamlessly integrates with Smart Notebook and makes using the tools a breeze.

Now What?

The Smart Slate is a very useful tool to have in the classroom whether you have a chatty class that needs some proximity reminders or a collaborative classroom setting where you want students to be able to interact with the board simultaneously while they work on something.  After only a couple of times using the slate I felt very comfortable with it's operation and confident that I could use it in a class setting.

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