November 23, 2011

Voice Thread

Voicethread is something that has been around for a few years but recently has resurfaced in conversation because of the release of an iOS app for iPads and iPhones.  Simply put...voicethread is a website/app where you can create a collaborative conversation around media.  So as a teacher you can upload something (e.g. video, images, PPTs, PDFs, etc.) and then students can view the content and comment using their keyboard, webcam, microphone, or even their phone).  Check out the example below of a demonstration of voicethread using voicethread.

Now What?

There are an unlimited number of ways for you to use Voicethread with your classes.  To get started you can check out this slidewhow presentation or this voicethread.  In short, you can upload a video and discuss, have a conversation about a PPT, post images and comment.  Have fun!!!

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