January 24, 2012


WeVideo is a video editing site that you absolutely have to check out.  I have used quite a few video editing sites in the past and thought that Animoto was the best (limited to 30 seconds) but this is by far and away the best.  On WeVideo you can create a professional looking video using images, video, music, sound effects, graphics, transitions and more.  I was blown away by the quality of the video and the number of effects available on WeVideo.  In addition, WeVideo is the first site that allows multiple users to upload and edit the same project collaboratively.  Users can even create their own videos from the shared library of uploaded media or work on the same project together.

Now What?

WeVideo is an excellent free tool to have your kids use in the classroom for digital storytelling.  It is fast, powerful and comprehensive.  It seems like they have thought of everything and my favorite part was how easy it was to use.  There are so many features and customization options that I was blown away.  Check out WeVideo today and get your students editing some video or creating a short commercial with images, audio and text.

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