March 13, 2012 is a website which allows you to create lists about anything and then share them with others to have them vote on the content.  This would be a great way to quickly share a "Top 5" list with your followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook.  Creating a list with was very simple and took no time at all.  For each item in your list you add a hyperlink (or not if there isn't one) and then give a title and description (optional).  Your list can then be shared socially or with a link.  At that point, your list viewers can interact with the content and give their opinion.  Check out my "Top 5 Cloud Storage Sites" list and vote for your favorite:

Now What?

This could be a good way for you to curate the web for your students or even better have them pull content for you.  Students could also share five websites, images, video, etc. as a demonstration of an understanding of a topic.

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