March 15, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment

Last week I was talking with a teacher who wanted to start giving their students the opportunity to go beyond class discussions and create a project using different websites and apps each week.  I thought it was a great idea and offered to create a quick tutorial and lesson idea for this teacher each week.  Naturally, it made sense to share with the entire school as well (and my loyal blog readers!).  Last week's assignment can be found here.  This week I prepared a video tutorial for Voki.  The assignment is below:

Website: Voki

Activity:  Voki is a website where you can create a personalized, speaking (up to 60 seconds) avatar.  For this assignment you can have your students create a character that is relevant to your class.  It could be a book character, a presidential candidate or an important painter.  If you would like the focus to be on something other than a person, like a math concept, you can have the kids create a likeness of themselves explaining an event or concept from class.  The possibilities are endless.  For more ideas, you can check out the Voki lesson plan page and search by grade and subject.

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