March 12, 2012

Google Search Stories

It's can create a story about anything...yup even your Google searches using Google's Search Story Creator.  This is a very exciting idea for digital storytelling.  Instead of having your students write a story why not have them narrate it through Google searches?  Before creating the story, it is important to think about how it will start and how it will end.  You can only have seven searches in your story which will give you a 30 second clip.  This max helps to focus the story and keep it moving.  The final product gets uploaded to your YouTube account for sharing with the world.  Check out my story below about buying a house...

Now What?

This is a great little activity for your students to complete.  Why not have them tell their next story through a Google search rather than explicitly on paper.  You can also include images and maps content into your search story which is all set to background music.

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Brandt Schneider said...

Nothing displays on your post. Cool tool, but I'm not sure how to frame lesson.