April 30, 2012


iPiccy is a photo editor that reminds me a lot of the now defunct Picnik which I really enjoyed.  Some of the highlights of iPiccy are that it is free and web based.  Also, iPiccy has lots of great tools to use that are all free (unlike Picnik which has premium tools for paid users).  Something unique about iPiccy is that in addition to editing photos you can also use their paint feature or create a collage from lots of photos.  The app also supports layers so you can create a file which has multiple images including text and then merge the layers into one image.  The best part of iPiccy is that it is super easy to use.  Check out the interface below...

Now What?

iPiccy is a great site for all of your basic (and advanced) photo editing needs.  I can definitely see this being used as an introduction for some of the more confusing image editing programs like Photoshop and fireworks.  The fact that it has an image painter tool means that you can have your students even create their own images for their projects and homework.

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