April 16, 2012

Snack Tools

I recently received an e-mail from Snack Tools about their newest addition called File Snack which is a file sharing site that does not require registration and immediately gives you the link to share the file with others with out having to log in.  This is great for those situations when you want to share a file (or several) with someone but your e-mail client does not support large file sizes.

While checking out File Snack I noticed that  Snack Tools has been busy since I last visited their site and wrote about it.  In addition to their File Snack application, they also have a number of other great free resources for educators such as a banner maker, video playlist creator, flip books, and (what I used originally) a quiz creator.  I also noticed that they have a website creator in the mix which will be coming soon.  If it is anywhere near as easy to use as the other tools it is going to be awesome.

Now What?

As an educator it is nice to not have to learn a number of different tools from several sites.   Snack Tools is a one stop shop for you to create and add widgets to your class website or create other useful media for your classroom lessons.

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