April 18, 2012

Present Me

Present.Me is a new beta website where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations and then record audio and video using a webcam to present your presentation.  I think Present.Me is a pretty cool site if you are into the whole flipped classroom thing.  Present.Me could also be a great tool for use in the differentiated classroom where you have students working in small groups on different mini lessons.  Creating a presentation on the site is very simple.  First you upload your PPT file and then you record your slide by slide narration using your webcam.  I really found this site to be easy to use and like the idea of creating a lesson that students could follow independently.  Check out the "presi" that I created on primary and secondary sources below...

Now What?

If you are someone who doesn't mind being in front of the camera like me you can really get into the idea of presenting your presentations for students to view inside or outside of school.  Present.Me is a great way to help students who miss class and also a time saver for you as a teacher once you have your lessons created.


Brandt Schneider said...

Like this.

Thomas Miller said...

Thanks for this informative article. But there's already a similar web-based tool on the market, that is much more powerful, with more functions and possibilities, yet easy to use. However I'd like to drive your attention to another tool for synchronizing video with powerpoint slides that I am using myself and that seems much more powerful to me than Present.me. Please have a look at http://www.slidepresenter.com/ and see for yourself. Regards, Thomas Miller.