April 20, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 6 - Wallwisher

For this week's assignment we will take a look at a website called Wall Wisher to create a bulletin board where students can post sticky notes with text, images, and video in response to a topic that you select. I love Wall Wisher because it allows every student's voice to be heard and gives them a chance to see what their classmates are thinking/saying kind of like blogging, but without the extra steps.  Check out the assignment and tutorial below for more information:

Website: Wall Wisher

Activity:  As a homework assignment have your students respond to a topic or question that you post to a board.  For example, if you are studying algebra, have the students create their own problem and put it on the board as a sticky note.  The next day in class you can choose three problems from the student's sticky notes and make the initiation of your class more engaging.  If you are studying a historical time period or event, ask the students to give their opinion on something you are discussing.  This is a great springboard for discussion the next day in class.  To see how other educators are using Wall Wisher check out this collaborative document.


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