April 4, 2012

You Are Your Words

I recently discovered this great little web tool from the website iLearnTechnology called You Are Your Words.  It is a word cloud creation site that allows you to use your own image for the shape of the cloud.  It's pretty simple but very effective with out having to create an account.  You Are Your Words was created by the American Heritage Dictionary and is an interesting way to display an important passage of text.  To get started on You Are Your Words you can upload an image or use your webcam to snap a picture.  Once you have your picture uploaded you can then choose to copy and paste text or link to Facebook or Twitter to grab relevant content.  The last step is to fine tune the appearance of your image and then share through Facebook/Twitter or download to use as you wish.

Now What?

You Are Your Words could be used in a lot of ways in the classroom.  In a history classroom you can upload the image of an important person in history and then use a speech they gave or informational paragraph.  You could also use this with characters from a book or your own personal biography.  Lots of great uses and a pretty cool finished product!

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