February 8, 2012

The Futures Channel

Have you ever been in a class before and said to yourself (hopefully not out loud) "When am I ever going to use this stuff?"  We have all been there.  For those students you can now supply a full assortment of videos to compliment your instruction using The Futures Channel.  On this website there are many free (some paid) short videos that demonstrate the application of classroom concepts.  I watched a video where Easton was testing it's aluminum baseball bats for durability and performance.  The video was fun to watch and it even offered a lesson plan on angles, measurement and statistics including a lab activity for students.  The Futures Channel has a lot of great videos for free and it will ultimately engage your students and provide them with the answer to their question "When will I ever use this stuff?".

Now What?

The Futures Channel is an excellent resource when planning a new lesson or wrapping up one in progress.  Students are engaged by video (YouTube is a testament to that) and The Futures Channel blends video with the concepts that you are teaching in your classroom to provide students with a more authentic look at what they are learning.  A good assignment toward the end of the year would be to have students look on the site and find a video that relates to a concept that was learned.  They can then talk about the connection in class and show the video.

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