May 13, 2012

Periodic Table Videos

I recently discovered a great site created by the University of Nottingham in the UK called The Periodic Table of Videos.  On this site you can click on each individual element and watch a video about that element and it's characteristics.  All of these videos can also be access on their YouTube site which also has other videos about scientific stories as well as their latest creation The Molecular Videos which are focused on molecules and compounds.

Now What?

The Periodic Table of Videos is a great site to use while teaching about the different elements and what makes them special.  The videos on their channel are very short (for the most part one minute or two) and very informative.  While we are talking about elements, you can check out this interactive period table which allows you to sort them in all different ways and this visual periodic table which has some great information about each element.  Ready to test your knowledge...check out these games by Sheppard Software broken out by knowledge.

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