May 14, 2012

Ted Ed

Ted Ed is a collection of educational lessons created by educators and then animated by professionals.  These lessons can be searched by theme (e.g. inventions that shaped history) or subject (e.g. mathematics, social studies).  In line with the idea of the flipped classroom, all videos are accompanied by a lesson which the students can watch prior to coming to class in order to be prepared for the activity or discussion.  With registration, you can share lessons with your students and then view their progress or as student you can track your learning from lesson to lesson.  Each video lesson on Ted Ed is accompanied by a Quick Quiz with multiple choice comprehension questions, a thinking question which is open-ended to help students think more critically about what they have watched, and further resources which help students to explore the topic further.  One great feature of Ted Ed is the ability to "flip" the lessons by changing up any of the associated content including quiz questions and resources.  You can even grab a video from YouTube (including your own) and create a lesson using the Ted Ed site.

Now What?

Ted Ed is a great extension of the original Ted Talks website where innovative ideas are born and bred.  Using Ted Ed teachers can create an environment for their flipped classroom or self-created videos.  Although the site is new, there are plenty of lessons already to search and with the ability for users to add to the community it promises to only get more and more impressive.

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