September 13, 2012

Group Texting

While working with a teacher today, I found out that Class Parrot will be closing it's doors and shutting down it's service.  As a user of Class Parrot, I'm sad to see it go but can offer some other great alternatives in it's place for privately group texting your classes, parents or sports teams.  I have moved my text messaging needs over to Class Pager which is very similar to what I was using.  There is a limitation however for how many free classes you can have (1) before you have to upgrade your account.  Remind 101 is another great private group texting site and they allow you up to 10 free classes!  Finally, another service is called Send Hub which allows you to create groups which you can include or exclude from certain messages.  All of these services use opt-in setup and are free to use.  For more information about these services and more group texting options, check out my supplemental Tech Messages web 2.0 directory.

Now What?

Group text messaging is clearly the way to go when you want everyone to be on the same page and ensure that they are receiving and checking the message.  Think of this as an e-mail distribution list but using text messages rather than (dare I say...antiquated) e-mail.  The best part about all of these services (besides being FREE) is that no one ever sees anyone else's phone number.

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