September 11, 2012

Screen Leap

If you have ever tried to tell someone how to do something on the computer...then you know how frustrating it can be when they have trouble following along with your directions.  Worse yet, it is almost impossible to try to tell someone what to do when you don't have your computer in front of you.  How do you solve this issue?  Find more computer savvy friends?  No...use the website Screen Leap.  Screen Leap is a site that allows you to share your screen with someone so that they can follow along with your mouse movements and clicks.  The best part about Screen Leap is that there is nothing to install and no account sign-up.  This makes it very simple to use and extremely fast.  For the person on the other end of the "tutorial" you can share a special code and they can vist the Screen Leap site and enter it to see your screen (no limit on the number of people who view it).

Now What?

When I taught computers, I used to share my screen with my class when I wanted to show them something in a pinch.  The issue with is that as the presenter you have to download a file in order for it to work.  However, also offers an iOS app which makes it very handy for use on the go.

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