October 12, 2012


The other day someone was telling me that they wanted to share some files with a colleague but they were too big to send through MS Outlook.  I believe the workaround was to use personal e-mail (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) but an even better solution would be to use Jumpshare.  Jumpshare is a website where you simply drag and drop the files that you want to share and then supply those people with a special link for viewing and download.  Jumpshare is unique in that it not only allows you to share your files but you can actually view them in their online viewer so you don't have to save them locally on your computer.  This feature is even more important when you are on a mobile device and don't want to waste space viewing a temporary file.  Currently Jumpshare offers up to 2GB of uploads which should be more than plenty for your everyday file sharing needs.

Now What?

For teachers...Jumpshare could be an excellent way for teacher to share large amounts of resources or files with students.

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