November 21, 2012

Lingt Language

One of the most import parts of learning a foreign language is the ability to comprehend oral language as well as speak with proper pronunciation and diction.  My experiences with this piece of learning was completed in a dingy, outdated language lab...not some of my finer memories.  Today there is a much more accessible way for teachers to help students with speaking and understanding a foreign language.  It is called Lingt Classroom.

Lingt Classroom is an online learning environment where teachers can build personalized assignments incorporating voice, video, images, and text.  Students can then access those activities online from any internet connected device.  Students complete the activity and submit their work.  Teachers can then review the student responses and submit specific feedback.  Even better is the teacher's ability to manage all of the assignments and classes as well as share the content.

With Lingt Classroom you can work on a number of important language skills.  Some of the ways it has been used include spoken dialogues, dictations, pronunciation practice, oral examinations or diagnostics, reading practice, image or video commentary and more.

Now What?

Signing up on Lingt Classroom is free and something that every foreign language teacher should at least check out.  For those schools who do not have a state of the art language learning lab this could be a suitable replacement.  The ability to create your own multimedia lessons and save them for use with other classes in years to come is a tremendous time saver.

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