November 20, 2012


Woopid is a great site that I believe will be of great assistance to all of the teachers out there who have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to new applications on the computer.  Woopid is a comprehensive video library of tutorials, just like my YouTube Channel, but with even more videos and much better organization.  Videos cover topics such as PCs, Macs, apps, software, hardware and more.  Videos are easily searchable and Woopid even suggests similar videos that are more basic or more advanced than the one you are watching.

Now What?

This is a tremendous resource for teachers everywhere but also for students who are struggling with using the computer.  Another great feature is the ability to suggest a video tutorial that they do not cover.  For other great tutorial sites check out GCF Learning, ThinkTutorial and Learn It In 5.  How about taking it a step further and having your class create computer tutorials for the students and faculty at your school?

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