January 24, 2013

Mozilla Popcorn Maker

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker is a very interesting new digital storytelling site that I found a while back and it seems to be getting some exposure recently on various blogs.  Popcorn Maker is a video mashup tool that can be used to integrate several media formats into one video (similar to Meograph).  You start with a video clip from YouTube or Vimeo and then take it to the next level with news articles, images, text, audio, maps and social media content.  The potential here is crazy!  Creating a user profile allows you to save and share a finished project but you can access the site as a guest and try it out without registering.  Check out the short video below to get a more visual idea of Mozilla's Popcorn Maker works.

Now What?

Popcorn Maker is a great tool for both students and teachers.  Students will enjoy the unlimited ability to merge different media into one digital story while teachers will find this tool useful in planning lessons and engaging their students through the use of different media.  For more digital storytelling options...be sure to check out my Tech Messages website of web 2.0 tools.

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