January 14, 2013


Today I found this really great site called Playfic where you can play and create your own interactive text based fiction games.  The idea behind Playfic is to make decisions based on information provided in the text.  There are no images, videos or visual stimulus at all so it will be a very different type of game for today's students.  One of the most common issues that I hear teachers mention with regard to reading is that the students don't read explicitly and as writers they leave out the descriptive elements.  This website addresses both of those issues in a fun way.  I played one of the more popular games called "survival" and really enjoyed it.  I imagine that it would be just as fun to create your own game on the site as well.

Now What?

In my middle school, teachers have a block of instructional time called Content Literacy and these games would be a great way to reinforce the reading skills which are being taught.  The fact that there are no distractions from the game also makes it a great way to focus on the content.

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