February 5, 2013


Blubbr is great site where you can create trivia games using embedded YouTube videos and multiple choice questions.  Teachers are always looking for new and engaging ways to encourage students to study and this one is definitely both.  Creating a quiz on Blubbr is very easy and fast.  Each question is based on a YouTube video that you can chop right within the question builder using time sliders.  Video clips can be no longer than 20 seconds.  Each question is multiple choice with four possible answer options.  The best part about Blubbr is that it tracks high scores so you can see which of your students tops the list.

Now What?

Blubbr is a great site for creating fun and entertaining study review games.  You can play these games in class together or independently.  There is even a leaderboard which will track the high scores of those who have signed in (Twitter/Facebook).  Students could even create their own "trivs" to share with the teacher and class.  The one downside is that each video has to be on YouTube.  The upside...you can upload anything to YouTube so you can generate the content.  Click here to check out some other great study tools.

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