February 4, 2013


Looking for a new digital storytelling application?  Zeen is a site where you can quickly create a multimedia rich story in seconds with some drag and drop uploading and YouTube/Google Image search functionality built right into the site.  After creating an account (or linking Facebook/Twitter) you can create your very own Zeen.  Users can include a variety of content on Zeen including headings, quotes, text, images, videos and links.  I liked that you could easily grab images from your social accounts such as Flickr and Picasa.  It was also really easy to grab a YouTube video as well using the built in search.  Once finished you can share your story or even embed it into a website.

H/T to Technology Tidbits

Now What?

Zeen is a great place for your students to create digital stories because it is easy to use and allows for searching from within the site.  To get started...assign a homework activity where students have to create a Zeen about a famous person or book character.  For more digital storytelling ideas check out my list of 5 animated story sites.

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