February 27, 2013

Haiku Deck

Do you have a presentation coming up?  Of course you do...everyday you present information to your class in a variety of ways.  For your next presentation, why not try Haiku Deck?  Haiku Deck is an app that is available for the iPad and essentially it is a presentation application but not from the same mold as it's predecessors.  Haiku Deck is a quick and easy way to create beautiful and effective slidedecks (presentations) with very little text...which is why I love it for students.  Another great selling point for Haiku Deck (don't worry...the app is free) is that you can find crisp, clean Creative Commons licensed images for your slides right in the app and it happens on each slide as you type your words.  Each image then fills up the entire slide with your words displayed over it and you can choose a layout for the text.  If you can't find an image that you like in Haiku Deck you can always import your own images from your gallery or Facebook/Instagram.

Now What?

If you have the luxury of iPads in your classroom definitely check out the Haiku Deck app and get started by transforming one of your old PowerPoints or whiteboard lessons.  Once you've modeled it for your students set them free to explore and create their own presentations for class.