June 20, 2012


Thanks to Brandt Schneider for the heads up about this simple and seemingly seamless paperless paperwork service...bit of a tongue twister there.  Zippslip is a site dedicated to cutting down on the craziness that is school forms and paperwork.  Reading their "About Us" story explains how they are just a couple of guys who have children and saw a need for a better way to distribute and collate school forms.  Zippslip is free to use and they will even set up your first batch of forms for you at no cost.  In addition to the forms being hosted online, parents and community members can also participate optionally in "rings" where they are able to communicate with other parents and members who have similar interests to them based on the forms they complete.  If interested you can even look into some of the ways that Zippslip can offer you revenue generating opportunities.

Now What?

If you have a school-age child or have seen the amount of paper that gets sent home in backpacks then you already know the value of having an online form system in place.  If nothing else, this solution will eliminate all of the paper chasing and guesswork when it comes to whether or not a student brought back a form.  Teachers can even have their own accounts and track the paperwork in real time.

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