March 25, 2013

Skype In The Classroom

It seems like all I can think about lately is developing opportunities for video chat discussions.  It is such a simple concept in theory and doesn't require much technology but the "logistics" can be quite difficult.  You have to be able to find a class studying the same topic at the same time and they have to be willing to take time from their jam-packed curriculum to have a "discussion" with another group of students if they have the correct equipment and's tough.  During a conference call the other day, the inability to Skype with more than one party (for free) became glaring and led to a Google Hangout (good ole Google).  Another lost video conference for Skype. I visited Skype's page today I noticed a banner at the top (see below) which offered free group calls for teachers on Skype in the classroom.  Nice!

Now What?

Signing up for the free year is simple if you are already a teacher on Skype in Education.  You simply supply your school name and website and send it off.  While you are waiting to get our acceptance why not check out Skype's library of lesson plans and if you are ever looking for a class to Skype...hit me up!

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