April 3, 2013

Tech Messengers Podcast - Glogster

I have undertaken a new task...I'm very excited about it.  I am always looking for opportunities to share with teachers what other people are doing in their classroom.  It seems to be an area of interest for all teachers and one of the best ways to learn something new to try in your classroom.  In talking with Brandt Schneider, a colleague at Seymour High School, he suggested creating a podcast series where teachers (and eventually students) share out thoughts and ideas on what they are doing with technology.  I tossed out an e-mail and got a surprisingly high number of responses.  I thought...hmmm this might actually work.  The first installment features Harvey Catlin who is a teacher at Seymour Middle School.  In this podcast he talks about how he uses EDU Glogster in his classroom with his students.

Now What?

If you are interested in subscribing to these podcasts using iTunes follow the steps below:
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  5. That's it!

1 comment:

Kurt Zeppetello said...

Very nice. I was able to listen to this at school using the VLC media player installed on my desktop.