October 13, 2011

Museum Box

Museum Box is a unique way for students to demonstrate learning through the creation of a shadow box filled with various text and multimedia items.  Using the website's tools you can include sounds, videos, images, files, links and of course text.  Each museum box can also be saved to resume work at a later date.  Museum Box is a great presentation tool because it limits the amount of text that is used in the presentation and helps to encourage the students to evaluate the information.

If you are interested in using Museum Box as a class or individually, please let me know so that I can set up an account for you within our school community.

Now What?

This is an excellent project offering for students who want to create something outside of the proverbial box.  You can even have the students view the published boxes on the web and leave comments for each other.  This web tool assists students in achieving higher order thinking as they must apply content in a new and inventive way.

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