October 1, 2012

Twitter for Teachers - Advanced Tips

So you're approaching pro status on Twitter.  You're bragging to your friends about how many people are following you, using it everyday to help inform your class discussions and communicating with people from around the globe.  For the Twitter user who "has everything" let's take a look at some ways to get even more out of your time using Twitter.


Official Twitter App:  If you haven't already gotten the official Twitter app (FREE), you should do so...immediately.  Excellent way to tweet and stay informed on the go with all of the features available in the web-based version.  Android | iOS

Tweet Deck:  Tweet Deck is a great app that you can use on your device or desktop.  Use it to organize your feeds, filter your tweets, schedule post-dated tweets, and more.  Great for teachers looking to follow several conversations for class or in class in real time.

Tweet This for Chrome:  A cool little add-on for Google Chrome which makes tweeting web content a breeze.  Once Tweet This is installed you simply click on the Twitter icon within Chrome and it will Tweet the page for your followers.  You can also see at a glance how many people have tweeted the page.

Twuffer:  Twuffer is a Twitter buffer which allows you to pre-write and post-date Tweets.  Great for those who want to setup reminders or tweet time sensitive information.

Trends Map:  Trends Map is a visual display of topics that are trending locally and around the globe.  You can select a country and see what people are talking about or find popular users.


Direct Messages:    Using Twitter alone (no fancy app necessary) you can send a direct message (think instant message) to another Twitter user.  Pretty cool feature when you don't want to have a full conversation publicly.

Lists:  Lists are a great way to filter all of the information that is coming into your feed.  For example, you can create a list for your friends, teachers you follow, etc.  In class you can use lists to follow certain users and share with the class.  You can also subscribe to other users lists which can help you to grow your social sphere without having to do the legwork.

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