March 8, 2012


I was working with Wordle today and in my travels happened upon a site called Tagul.  Tagul is now my new favorite word cloud generator.  Wordle has always disappointed me in the fact that you cannot save your image  without having to use print screen.  Tagul offers the ability to save your image, embed your image or even e-mail it to a friend.  What I liked most about Tagul was the amount of editing options that were offered.  I was able to get very finite with the colors fonts, words, and was even able to have the words fit to an image.
Check out this sweet cloud using the Declaration of Independence with the image of the United States

Now What?

There are so many ways to incorporate word clouds into your classroom.  I like the idea of using them as a review or preassessment to find out how much the class knows about something.  You can also use a list of items (prepositions, famous authors, etc.) and create a poster for your classroom walls.

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