October 29, 2011

Show Me

Finally an app for all of those Missourians who need to be shown how to do something rather than told.  Show Me is actually a chip off of the old Khan Academy block where anyone can be a learner.  The difference is that with Show Me...anyone can be a teacher.  The iPad only app (for now) is based on the idea of the interactive whiteboard and creating with a finger or a stylus.  Check out the sample lesson created by a student at Seymour High School (taught by @brandtschneider) about the parts of the Tuba.

Now What?

Show Me could be used as an assessment/presentation tool for students with Ipad access or if you are lucky enough to have a class set of iPads like Allison Sheridan at LoPresti.  As a basketball coach, I can see this being used to breakdown plays and go over offensive and defensive sets.

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