October 25, 2011

YouTube Companion Sites

Many teachers love the videos that are a part of YouTube's community but don't really like the fact that the students will then see the related videos, comments and sidebar advertisements that come along with watching a video on YouTube.  ViewPure is a super simple way to get around this issue.  You simply copy the URL for the video that you want to watch and then paste it into a box on ViewPure and your video is created.  You can even link to the video like this.  Other sites to check out include A Cleaner Internet and SafeShare.

Now What?

This is an excellent way to share YouTube videos in your class with students who are easily distracted.  The link feature is also a great way to share a video with your students when they are viewing from home and you don't want them to watch other videos on YouTube by clicking from your homework assignment.  

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Brandt Schneider said...

Youtube also has clean sites youtube/teachers and there a million mash-ups out there.

You can also embed a youtube video in a google doc now which is great for quiz/test.