November 4, 2011

Brain POP
Many of you are familiar with Tim and Moby from BrainPOP and their award winning curriculum based animated content.  They have videos in the area of science, social studies, english, math, engineering & tech, health, and arts & music.  Currently, in order to access all of the videos on the site, an account is required and will cost you $195 for the year for your classroom.  Each day however, there is a featured movie which is free to watch and also a Free Stuff page which has some videos.  Also, BrainPop has recently unveiled it's "Game Up" section where you can access games developed around their content.  You or your students can even create your own games using something like Scratch or Gamestar Mechanic and share them with BrainPOP.

Now What?

BrainPOP is an excellent conversation starter or differentiation tool for students who have holes in their background knowledge.  It can also be a great way to preteach or reteach a condensed topic.  Game Up seems to have quite a few games and also lesson ideas as well.


Allison A. said...

Thanks Mike! I've been researching this all day and have taken some good strategies for teaching decimals.

Roxy said...

Brain Pop is fantastic and a great way to explore the body.

Roxanne L said...

Brain Pop is a great tool !

Roxy said...

Brain Pop is a fantastic site