November 3, 2011

Twiddla is a neat web application which has brought the term "team whiteboarding" into our classroom.  Basically the premise of twiddla is to allow multiple users to meet in a web-based playground where they can view/edit/discuss a wide range of items including original thoughts, websites, uploaded files, images and more.  One of the best parts about Twiddla is that each person can use this site as a guest so that students without an e-mail address will be able to use this service as well.

Check it out using this site right here by clicking the logo below:

 Twiddle this page!

Now What?

Twiddla is similar to other web based meeting sites but it does not require any downloads or plug-ins, firewall access or javascript.  Students can use this site to work collaboratively on a project from their respective houses.  As a PD facilitator, I can see this being used to offer web based professional development for several schools at once.

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