May 18, 2012

Weekly Technology Assignment 9 - Quizlet

This week's technology assignment uses a website called Quizlet.  Quizlet is a site that is used by teachers and students to create web based flash cards, study those cards and play games using the vocabulary.  To learn more information about Quizlet and it's features, check out my previous post here on Tech Messages.

Tech Tool:  Quizlet

Activity:  Creating flash cards is a time tested way to study information and for many students a manageable way to study on the go.  For this assignment, it is time to look toward that "word wall" in the back of your classroom and see how much the students remember from the course of the year.  In this assignment, students should create 15 flash cards (you decide the number up or down) using vocabulary words that were learned throughout the course of the year.  Using their own cards and those created by other classmates they can study for a cumulative assessment on the vocabulary of the past year.

For more videos on using Quizlet, check out my Quizlet playlist on YouTube.

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