November 10, 2011

Document Cameras

There are many ways to engage your students in the classroom but nothing gets them involved like a new piece of technology.  I recently received a Lumens DC 190 Ladibug Document Camera for use in our district on a trial basis to see if we find it useful.  This camera has many features including the ability to take still photos, act as a microscope, take high res video, save to a flash drive, connect into Smart Notebook and more.  If you are interested in using this camera in your classroom for a lesson or two, please send me an e-mail.

Now What?

There are many ways to use the document camera in the classroom.  With this camera, you can put a student's work under it and immediately edit with the class.  You can also capture a shot of something and then bring it into Smart Notebook for annotation and discussion.  Another way to use this camera would be to use the video feature to record a lesson and share it on your website or record a student presentation and share it with them or their parent or even post to your website.  You can also have students demonstrate a procedure for example in a tech ed classroom, consumer science lab, or during a dissection in science.

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