November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day
Unlike most other towns and districts, Seymour Public Schools are fully in session on Veteran's Day. On this day, teachers and students honor the veterans through class discussion and even visits from the service men and women themselves.  There are many ways to "say thanks" on this day including sending a postcard via the web using Xerox' Let's Say Thanks Website.  On this site, you can select a student created image as well as a message to send along to the troops and Xerox will print your postcard and send it along.

Now What?

If you have a classroom full of computers, take a second to have the students send a card (first name only) and write in their own message rather than using the default selections.  You can also post this to your Edline website so that they can go home and do this with their family later tonight.

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