December 25, 2011

For many teachers today there are a lot of options for communicating classroom information to students and parents.  Services like Edline and Finalsite are great for teachers who want to have everything (i.e. announcements, homework, calendar events, handouts) for their course all in one place.  For those who do not have access to these services there are many alternatives and the best news is that they are FREE.  Edmodo is one website which is very popular and another is AccuTeach.  AccuTeach is a site where teachers can upload class files but also see what other teachers are doing and borrow those resources as well.  It is like a professional learning community meshed with a classroom management system.  As the teacher you can post all of the content for class, students can access that material but parents can also get involved and network with other parents as well as the teacher.  AccuTeach even has a blogging feature so that everyone can be involved in the learning process.  Check out the introductory video below to learn more about AccuTeach:

AccuTeach from accuteach on Vimeo.

Now What?

AccuTeach looks to be a very useful tool for teachers, students and parents in the community.  Their slogan is "sharing is learning" and it is a step forward in the learning management realm due to the ability to share lessons resources with other educators as well as keep in constant communication with your students and parents.

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Kurtz said...

I signed up for AccuTeach. The idea seems useful. Will need to more time to assess whether it is or not...