December 24, 2011


Flubaroo is a script which you can run within Google Spreadsheets which will grade student quizzes (Google Forms) for you simply and quickly.  If you are new to creating quizzes with Google Forms you can check out this overview for instructions on how to get started.  Once the quiz is setup in Google Forms, you can then have students complete the quiz which will generate a Google Spreadsheet with the results.  This is where  Flubaroo  comes into play.  By running this script,  Flubaroo will grade all of the responses as well as compute the average for the class and each question, flag lowest scoring questions, create a grade distribution graph ( wall!), and gives you the option to e-mail each student their score with an answer key.  Pretty impressive right?  For more information, check out the demonstration video below:

Now What?

I have used Google Forms for many years to assess students in my computer class.  I was using a formula that I created to grade the responses but  Flubaroo is much more refined.  The script offers you many options that go beyond a simple grade.  If you do not have access to computers in your classroom you can always have the students visit the lab, sign out the laptop cart, or allow them to access the assignment from home.  This is a terrific time saver and can give you some great data in a very quick fashion.

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