December 12, 2011

Google Docs Sandbox

Google Docs is a great web tool to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.  If you aren't already using Docs you probably are one of the people who are unsure unsure about whether or not you want to make the switch from Microsoft Office.  Google has made it easy for you to try out Docs before you actually create an account.  Check out Google Docs Demo for an opportunity to play around (collaboratively as well) before you create an account.

If you are a Google Docs user and want to learn something new don't forget that you can visit Google Docs on YouTube for some video tutorials.  As a preview, I have embedded a video below on Google's new interface for 2011.

Now What?

I have introduced a lot of people to Google Docs over the past few years but some teachers want to play around before they get started.  Google Docs Demo is a great way to accomplish this without having to create an account.  What I really like about Google's apps is that there is a tremendous amount of support for users so you can always find help when it is needed.

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