March 9, 2012


Popplet is an interesting site which is a cross between Inspiration and Wallwisher.  After creating an account it was very easy to start to publish thoughts to the blank canvas.  Creating on Popplet allows you to enter text, images, YouTube videos and drawings.  You can then link those Popplets together to form an integrated idea or concept map.  Inviting collaborators to Popplet will allow them to edit and create their own Popplets on your canvas although not in real time.  This could be a great tool for classroom discussion if all of your students have accounts.  Sharing a Popplet is simple using Facebook, Twitter or the traditional link or embed method.  If you would like to edit your Popplets on the go there is currently only an iPad app available for download.

Now What?

This could be a nice change of pace for your students as lesson presentation medium.  I can see this being very useful for introducing a new unit and some of the stops along the way.  Students could also create their own Popplets for homework or in the planning of a project.

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