December 8, 2011 is a website where you can quickly setup a collaborative space for chatting, taking notes, and conquering to do lists.  As a hall monitor, you can also create polls and surveys in order to gather feedback from your group or get input from other users.

Creating a hall on is extremely simple and takes about a minute.  You can get started with your Facebook account, Google account or just an e-mail address.  Once you create a hall you can easily invite members using Twitter, Facebook or email.  You can also share your Hall's location using a unique URL.  For those of you worried about the outside world accessing your can set it to be private where only members with the correct password will be able to join.

Now What?

I can see being used by students to work collaboratively on a project or a teacher could even create a hall and use it for extra help after school without requiring the students to stay after in their classroom.  This could also be used as a chat room but with extra features such as the ability to collaborate on a document in real time or manage a to do list of items.

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