December 22, 2011

Side Vibe

SideVibe is a browser extension (didn't work for me in Google Chrome) which allows you to annotate over web pages and then share those annotated websites with students.  Students can then answer questions that you pose about the content on the site and all of this data is collected for the teacher on the SideVibe website.  Students do not need any special programs or downloads because they will only be viewing the teacher's annotated web pages.  Note that with your free teacher account you only get 50 student log-ins.  To upgrade your account it is $5.99 per month which will give you unlimited students and the ability to chat with students.  Below is a video overview of  SideVibe:

Now What?

SideVibe seems to be an updated version of a "webquest".  I like the idea of everything being on the web for students so that they do not have to go back and forth between paper handouts and their computer.  As the teacher you can also track and review your student's work from your dashboard on  SideVibe.  Diigo is also similar in a sense because you can bookmark websites and write notes on those sites using stickies.

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