December 22, 2011


Looking for a way to engage your students using a web 2.0 tool that is sure to please?  Fakebook is your answer.    Fakebook is a way for students to create a fake profile for a person, event, place, etc. including profile items, friends, posts, comments and more.  It is very simple to use and what is best is that it is free and you do not even need an account to create a profile (good for students without e-mail).  Check out the 90 second tutorial to learn more about using  Fakebook.  To help get you is a Fakebook graphic organizer for the students to complete as well as a Fakebook notes organizer to accompany your teaching.

Now What?

There are an unlimited number of ways to incorporate  Fakebook into your classroom.  I recently worked with a 7th grade Language Arts class where we had students create a profile for the person in their biography book.  As the teacher you could also create a profile about a person, place, etc. and then have students visit the link and try to find the errors that you placed in the profile.  The possibilities are endless and it's a great way to encourage students thinking creatively.

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